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The Jefferson Park Street Signs proclaiming Historic Status are on order!

The Jefferson Park Street Signs proclaiming Historic Status are on order!

Neighbors Give Input for 2015- Issues * Projects

THE FUTURE  2015 – Here’s what the input charts revealed.

Top Issues facing Jefferson Park Neighborhood

Neighbor adds thoughts to the workshop charts

Jan 2015 – Neighbor adds her thoughts to the workshop charts

(listed from most to least votes)

* Mini-dorms

* Grant Road Construction

* Park Ave Improvements

* Banner and Lester Construction

* Maintaining contributing properties to Historic District

* Landlord education/support

* Loose dogs and dog waste


Neighbors discuss how to set priorities

Jan 2015-Neighbors discuss how to set priorities

* Health and History Walk -2.25 mile signed walk in Jefferson Park utilizing the sidewalks and projected walkways * needs research, printing, and $ support.
* Little Free Library – constructing little libraries on edges of private property with “take a book/leave a book” system, needs carpenters
* Oral History Project – collecting the stories of the people of JP
* Porch Fest – needs porches and musicians

* NEIGHBORHOOD CELEBRATION – for historic street signs and burning the debt paper.

annual mtg east side

Jan 2015-Neighbors decide which fundraisers to persue

WHEN: Sunday April  19 * WHERE: International School Playground

* T-SHIRT SALE AND BOOK SALE – cooperative with local business for t-shirts and book sale from neighborhood donations
                WHEN:  Saturday Oct 24  WHERE: International gymnasium and playground
(above are in the planning stages, so mark your calendars,save those books, offer to help)
* JIM CLICK RAFFLE – this year a Mustang!
* AN ICONIC JEFFERSON PARK T-SHIRT -need artist, images etc
* ETCHED WINE GLASSES – still available and presented to every $100+ donor to the non-profit


Paid off our historic debt !!      Street Signs are on order!

Greening Work – Water harvesting C2E grant,  $1900, twelve new trees planted for the International School * the new traffic circle planting at Hampton and Edison * began a UofA and Neighborhood partnership for water basins.
International School – Helped establish the new garden, advocated for the proposed charter for 6,7,8 grades
Traffic – new stops signs at Seneca and Vine
Land Use Committee Work – advocated for neighbors in the Grant Road project, the Park Avenue project, Banner projects along Lester, and Palm Shadows Apartment project * monitored property developments for compliance with the NPZ  * and a very special thanks to these hardworking folks!
Communication – This is the one year anniversary of this e-news with 18 editions in 2014.  Welcome Packets were distributed to nearly all homes in October. Two doorhanger distributions with the help of the Area Representatives.
Advocated  – for Bond $$$ for Neighborhood Reinvestment.

GUEST EDITORIAL ON BANNER HEALTH – The Helicopter and Martin Avenue

What’s an important neighborhood issue for 2015?  Just a few minutes ago I thought about the jet helicopters landing on the UMC helipad that shake the nearby houses -on election day-Blackhawks!  I am all for bringing patients in safely, But for no other reasons. I hope Banner Health will have an opportunity to stop that practice.  This is a  densely occupied area and Banner’s  projected 11 story building will cause a precarious situation.
Neighbors have lived with a number of house shakings, window rattlings, and animals running for cover.  This last time was the worst I’ve felt.  We are not part of a game. No more unnecessary powerful visits.  They just don’t have to. Two years ago the water line under the bathroom floor broke and had to be replaced. The shaking from these overflights could be a reason.  The noise is very high pitched and LOUD.
This is the time to address the issue with the new owner–Banner Health!  Additionally, we need access to the traffic signal at Elm by way of Martin.  This neighborhood fought exceedingly hard for that signal to keep us safer.   When they built the Ring Road I requested one way…out from Martin only, so the hospital traffic wouldn’t be able to use our neighborhood.  We have to be able to exit there.  Without it,  people will be driving onto Campbell and darting over to be able to make a quick left and create accidents.  We earned access to that light.  Neighbors really have to stand firm in these discussions.

 (Lynne –  on Linden


Banner Health has acquired the entire UMC complex which will mean some changes to our southern border (Lester).  Banner met with the JPNA Land Use Committee (LUC) and others of the Jefferson Park neighborhood on December 17th for a preliminary informational meeting.  Below are some important points.  There will be more information as your LUC follows the project.Ownership: The entire UMC complex will no longer be owned by the U of A, but by the private non-profit corporation Banner Health.  Therefore, all construction and building etc. must go through the city’s “PAD” (Planning Area Development Plan) process and be subject to city inspections and rules.  All parts of the area (new and old) will be brought up to city codes (lighting, etc.)

Lester Street Green Space: Banner plans a green space on the south side of Lester in the 1600, 1700, and 1800 blocks. There are seven privately owned properties on those blocks. The other nineteen properties will be owned by Banner.  Banner will make offers to the owners of the private property owners, but has no power to pressure any sales.  Private homes on those blocks will remain private if the owners so choose. Quote from Banner “Banner does not have the power of Eminent Domain, nor would we exercise it if we could.”
      There are no plans to acquire any properties in the 1500 block.  The south side of Lester will act as a green space for the hospital, a buffer to the neighborhood, and a partial means to control water run-off.Banner will capture and manage all rainwater and storm water that flows onto or originates from their property.  .“Openings” to the neighborhood:There will be no street access into the hospital complex from the neighborhood.  A traffic flow study is in progress concerning the entrance and exit onto Campbell from the hospital campus.

Noise, traffic flow, helicopters: All ambulances, deliveries and services will enter the complex from the south.  The helipad will remain where it is. There will be no additional helipads.

New building: Banner plans to construct a new eleven story hospital west of the existing Diamonds Children’s Hospital.  That hospital will be attached to the existing hospital at several levels. The older part of the  hospital complex built in 1967 will be repurposed or demolished. The new hospital will transition several of the functions of the old hospital, i.e. surgery suites, x-ray facilities to the new facility.

Neighborhood Historic Status: JP remains vigilant to protect the historic status of the neighborhood and made that clear to the Banner representatives. Jonathan Mabry, of the City of Tucson Historic Preservation Office, was in attendance and supported the neighborhood.                                                         (Joan Daniels)F