Students, faculty, and staff at the University of Arizona can ride the new Sun Link Tucson Streetcar and all Sun Tran buses for free, through Sept 14. The promotion requires a special U-Pass that can be ordered online at the link below. After that, the card can be loaded with one-day and 30-day monthly passes. In addition, the UA is offering a 50 percent discount for those who buy semester or annual passes. The streetcar travels a nearly 4-mile route through parts of the UA campus, 4th Avenue, Downtown Tucson and the Mercado District west of I-10.

If you are not affiliated with the U of A.
A SunGO card with unlimited rides for a month is just $42. If you’re an occasional rider, you can load the SunGO card with a cash value to pay the $1.50 one-way fares whenever you use transit. In addition, there are many discounts available for students, low-income residents, seniors and others. If you ride the streetcar, you must have a SunGO card, or purchase a day pass with cash or a credit card from a vending machine at the stop. Cash is not accepted on the streetcar.

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Tucson residents have saved 3.6 million gallons of water while contributing to community enhancement projects through Conserve to Enhance, a program started at the University of Arizona. Known as C2E, Conserve to Enhance is a program within the Water Resources Research Center in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and is run by UA employees who oversee outreach, manage the websites and provide guidance to startup C2E groups on other locations.

This year a total of $13,000 will be awarded to three community enhancement and conservation projects in Tucson. One project, submitted by the  Jefferson Park Neighborhood Assn, will capture storm water and reduce flooding along one of the neighborhood’s streets (Vine Avenue) with the installment of rainwater harvesting basins and tree plantings.Another project, submitted by the Tucson Audubon Society in partnership with other entities, will restore native vegetation and wildlife habitat at Silverlake Park. The Palo Verde project, submitted by the Palo Verde Neighborhood Assn working with Tucson Water, aims to enhance a Tucson Water well site, improving the aesthetics and building a raised pass and shaded area while also capturing storm water on site.


Individual residents may join C2E to monitor their water use. C2E provides participants with access to an online dashboard that tracks their water usage over time. “We can automatically upload water use data for Tucson Water customers, track your historical and current water use and calculate for you just how much water you conserve by joining the program,” Xiu explained. The dashboard includes graphics that show how much water an individual is saving, as well as summary information that shows how many gallons they’re saving per day, indoor versus outdoor water usage, and an icon that shows how an individual compares with other C2E participants in terms of conservation.

To join Conserve to Enhance, enroll through the program website, You can also support C2E by donating tohrough the Riparian Enhancement and Open Space box on your Tucson Water bill. All contributions help ensure the C2E fund continues to grow and invest in the Tucson community
(excerpted from U of A press article)

…and we will be calling on our neighbors to help set up the basin….soon.


Neighborhood Workshop at Ward III office

Wednesday, Sept. 3, 6:00 to 7:30

Katie Gannon, program director for Trees for Tucson, and Gary Wittwer, city project manager for the Park Avenue project, will roll out the plan to tap into the mayor’s 10,000 Tree program and design plantings along both sides of Park on both public and private property. Where possible there will be water harvesting basins. The City heard the neighborhood disappointment over the lack of landscaping planned for Park Avenue. Together we’ll work out a design for lots of shade.
(Judith Anderson, Ward III)

Jefferson Park Oral History Project Begins

Anna Lester-circa 1924

Anna Lester-circa 1924 Source: AZ Daily Star, Street Smarts, David Leighton

Anna Lester, the intrepid  lady homesteader of Jefferson Park also named many of the streets.  Of course, she named Lester.  But other streets in the neighborhood were also named by her: Linden – an ornamental tree common in Germany, where Anna Lester was born; Seneca – small multi-trunked tree native to Japan; Waverly – another name for quaking aspen, one specie of which is common in Germany;  Pine Avenue – subsequently renamedWarren (We are still researching that one); Maple Avenue – subsequently renamed Martin (Still to be researched) and Walnut – subsequently renamed to Cherry. Finally Oak – renamed for John H. Campbell one of the last Justices in the AZ Territory.

If you have information or photos to share, or if you know a long-time resident who should be interviewed, please call Suzanne 740-0757. The committee welcomes new members!

Adopt a Sign!


Now that we have Historic Neighborhood status we would like to put up signs that show off this designation.

Join your neighbors in the campaign to fund 46 signs.  Any support is welcome!


Print the form by clicking: Adopt A Sign Donation Form.

Contact one of the Board of Directors to indicate your interest in hosting a Supper for Signs event or if you have other fund raising ideas.


SUPPORTER  – Up to $149 donation (suggested minimum of $25)

Your name will appear on the Jefferson Park Web site as a Sign Society Supporter.

ADOPT – A – SIGN – $150 donation

You may select any uncommitted sign (see the map) to support specifically. The sign location will indicate your name on the google map.

All the benefits of the Supporter level and a pair of wine glasses etched with ‘Historic Jefferson Park’

ADOPT – 2 – SIGNS - $300 donation or hosting a Supper for Signs event to raise money for the signs.

You may select up to TWO uncommitted signs (see the map) to support specifically. The sign location will indicate your name on the google map.

All the benefits of the ADOPT-A-SIGN level and you will be among the ribbon cutters at a celebration after the signs are installed.

Corporate / Business SUPPORTERS

Donations accepted at the ADOPT-A-SIGN level and above. Your business logo or naming information will be prominently displayed on the Jefferson Park Web site.



The City of Tucson must install the signs so that they meet traffic and sign regulations. We have identified a design and are working with graphic artists to determine how the design will look best printed on a sign.

It will cost about $150 per sign to have them made (double sided) and installed. Thus, we need to raise about $6,900 for 46 signs.

We hope to raise these funds over the next year and ideally have the signs installed by fall of 2015.

Map of the sign locations or view a static map below.

Jefferson Park Historic Sign Locations

Jefferson Park Historic Sign Locations

Apr. 27 – Suppers for Signs

premium-red-sangria-12-550-275x300This special fundraiser will kick-off the neighborhood street signs project.   All are invited to attend–still spaces available. $15* per person. Sangria, Mexican dinner, drawings, and raffles. Call Louie or Joan at 623-9044 to reserve a place.

Support your neighborhood!

* $9 is a donation to the non-profit

The neighborhood needs 32 street signs (at $130 each) for our historic designation. You can contribute by joining the fundraising suppers in the Jefferson Park neighborhood! All will be in Jeff Park homes , each will have its own theme. A part of your ticket is tax deductible!
4:30 pm Reception
5:15pm Supper

By Reservation only
Historic Jefferson Park
Raffle item 12” Tohono Oodham pot

THEME: SANGRIA AND “THE VIEW FROM LOUIE’S”: Historic photographs of the view from Euclid and Grant in the late 1940’s. A display of historic photos of Jefferson Park from the oral history project and Louie’s famous Sangria…he might share the recipe!

MENU: Tortillas, refried beans, shredded beef or chicken, rice and salad
SPECIALS: Free drawing and raffles. COST: Supper – $15.00 *
*A portion is a tax deductible donation
JP wine glass $10**
*A portion is a tax deductible donation

LOCATION: Northwest corner of Jefferson Park – (exact location will be on reservation ticket)
RESERVATIONS: Call Louie or Joan at 623-9044. Paid reservations receive a “ticket” with map of location. Number of reservations are limited.
Free Drawing Rainbarrel
Raffle Item Gift Basket: Talavera

Our Newest Traffic Circle

Trafic CircleIf you don’t usually drive west on Edison to get to Euclid, try it once! Just before Euclid you will see our newest traffic circle.  There are two trees, donated by Trees for Tucson, and planted by Joan H.  Some creosote bushes are waiting to be planted. The “rim” rocks have been dug, hauled and placed by neighbor Chris S.  A donated boulder is waiting to be moved to the circle.  Anyone know how to move a boulder from the 1300 block of E. Seneca to the Traffic Circle?   “Dri Water” was planted with the trees, which is intended to “water” them for 90 days. The circle is being watched and cared for by  the Traffic Circle committee members, Chris P and Suzanne (740-0757). And also a special thanks to the anonymous neighbor who has hauled water to the other circles during this drought!

Volunteers Partner to “Green” the International School

TREES: The trees on the north side of the International School are from “Trees for Tucson”.  The city waived the cost of the permit and neighbors dug the holes and planted.  After two sessions, there are now 11 trees which will soon shade Hampton.

GARDEN:  Walk your pooch on the south side of the International School and see the beginnings of a school garden.  A coalition of neighbors, staff, parents, and  volunteers are bringing together a school garden.  The watering system will be going in, and tiny plants may be sprouting soon. Mortarboard students weeded the area in March.